Palm Reading – An Ancient Art of Predicting Future

Palm Reading – An Ancient Art of Predicting Future

Palmistry or chiromancy is a very age old and highly followed worldwide, which is used to foretell future by the study of the palm. This form of future telling is much more accurate than astrology and numerology as the line in hand is something you are born with, providing less to no chance of discrepancy, given a genuine palm reader is consulted. The people who profess this form of science are called as palmists, hand readers, or hand analysts.

The Indian form of palm reading is the oldest form with its roots in the Hindu astrology and it was first mentioned in the Vedas. It is stated that several thousand years ago the divine and enlightened sage Valmiki had written a book comprising 567 stanzas about the teaching of palmistry. From India this highly thriving form of astrology has spread to China, Tibet, Egypt, Persia and to other countries in Europe.

The concept of palmistry deal with reading the lines, mount, hand shape, size and texture of a person. This revelation is used by the palm readers to provide information about the present as well as in prediction of the future events.

There are basically four main lines that are taken into consideration by astrologers in India are:

  • The Lifeline – This line begins from the mid of index finger and thumb and ends near the wrist. A smooth and dark line represents strength and prosperity.
  • The Heart line – This line is present horizontally across the upper part of the palm and is commonly termed as love line. A deep and long line indicates a long-term and happy relationship while alight and broken line signifies broken heart and short-term relationships.
  • The Headline – This line runs below the heart line and appears horizontally across the middle part of the palm, and it is also termed as the wisdom line. It indicates the state of mind and the brain development, as well the level of intelligence.
  • The Fate line – This is the luck or the destiny line which is not commonly found in every hand. It runs vertically from the base of the palm towards the base of the middle finger. This line is significant to know about the career prospects and the hardship one will face in life.

Apart from these, a palmist reads other small lines, the mounts and flat area, and more for a detailed analysis of the person’s future. But the client should be care about showing their hand to a genuine palm reader to prevent getting duped.

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