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Vashikaran Specialist in India – Vashikaran

What does Vashikaran mean? 

Vashikaran is a type of ritual or a love spell which is been used in Vedic astrology or the occult. It is done intentionally to control a person, situation, person’s soul, or animal. It is an ancient practice of Indian tradition. However, today it is connected to attract love. 

From where was Vashikaran invented? 

Vashikaran is created from the Sanskrit word, Vashikara, which resembles “subjugating” or “making someone subject to one’s will.” In separate Vashikaran is made by using two words Vashi means to control and Karan means the technique of doing something. Vashikaran is the process used to gain control over someone. The ritual commenced in ancient times. The power of tantras and mantras are used in this which are very much necessary and effective.

About Vashikaran 

Vashikaran is usually performed by professionals to connect and get the love of another person whose person who performs the ritual wants him/ her to be with them forever. It is done for marriage purposes either to get someone’s hand whom you like or make your marriage better again. Vashikaran is used for good motives, but some perform it for false practices like to gain control over a person or a situation. 

There is an abundance of vashikaran mantra, also known as captivation spell. According to the tradition and ritual, it involves chanting the mantras a specified number of times and days. In addition, it also involves arranging food and objects of worship for the deity that is associated with the mantra. Also, some other things to be kept in mind are some objects that belong to the particular person on whom the ritual will be performed like a cloth or a lock of hair.

In astrology, Muhurta is one of the prominent aspects of Vashikaran. Vashikaran is not successful without Muhurta. According to the scripture for every vashikaran, there is a different deity, direction, war, character, climate, direction, constellation, mandala, character, posture, rosary, instrument, place, time, and clothes. 

For example, suitable deities for captivation are Krishna, Kamakhya, Tara, Kamadeva, Rati, etc. The type of the deity depends on the performing of the task. 

Like, whom a person wants to control. 

Generally, in Vashikaran, men and women or boys and girls are controlled, that is, they are tied, and work, so that they do what the person tells them to do. A person who is under control cannot understand his good or bad. That person renounces the honor and dignity of society and family and takes steps that are sometimes come out dangerous to society.

Where to use Vashikaran

  • If you are head over heels in love with someone but he/she didn’t fall for you back then you can get it through Vashikaran.
  • To make yourself free from all the problems of your life you can make use of Vashikaran.
  • If you want to land abroad but due to some reason you could not make it then also Vashikaran can be used.
  • Vashikaran is helpful in professional life as well.
  • If any problem arises in married life then also Vashikaran can be used to make your partner happy, and kick out all the problems of your marriage from your life.
  • For the Financial Stability.
  • For greater profit in Business.
  • For Recovery from Illness. 

 Things to keep in mind while performing Vashikaran

  • North direction is the best position to perform.
  • Monday and Wednesday are the best days for Vashikaran.
  • The silver vessel should always be used. 
  • Choose Summers for Vashikaran. 
  • Jal Mandal is considered to be the best.
  • Mantra and Varna Beej water is considered to be the best.

Nakshatra depends on what type of vashikaran it is and on whom it is being used. 

  • Trust and appropriation depend on the deity used.
  • Woolen blanket posture is the best.
  • Lotus garland is used.
  • Gorochan ink is used in yantra writing.
  • The best place for Vashikaran is near the water-side.
  • The best time to perform this ritual is from 9 to 1:30 pm.
  • Pink or red clothes are considered best for captivating.


  • One person to dominate the heart and mind, and always keep thinking about him.
  • Do not believe in anyone, believe in superstition.
  • Angry all the time. 
  • Facing fearful dreams.
  • Change in behavior.
  • You feel unrest and impatience during Amavasya or full moon day.

How to Cure Vashikaran

  • Take a clean yellow lemon and hit it 21 times with the head and keep it at the crossroads, don’t look back and don’t talk to anyone on the way, come straight home.
  • Calotropis gigantea plant in the house or tie its root around the neck.
  • Throw 4 Gomti Chakras from above your head on any Wednesday in all four directions. 
  • Come back with your eyes down, do not pay attention to the directions.
  • Burn cow’s dung outside the house every day.

Is Vashikaran safe?

Yes, Vashikaran is safe if the practitioner utilizes a harmless vashikaran mantra on to the person, and performs the full ritual perfectly with pure and positive intentions. Also, the practitioner must be impeccable to perform Vashikaran and must be aware of everything to eliminate the problems from the life of a particular person who seeks help. 

As there are no side effects found in Vashikaran but if the Vashikaran practitioner commits a mistake in the selection of the right manta, or in performing Vashikaran then the objective to achieve the goal will not be fulfilled instead it will affect negatively. So, it is better to hire a specialist who has years of knowledge using the Vashikaran.

How does Vashikaran turn out positive and effective?

Positive and effective Vashikaran can be performed with good, benevolent, and flawless techniques. Furthermore, to gain positive and safe results here are some tips to be kept in mind while performing Vashikaran.

  • Positive vashikaran turns out harmless using the most effective and healthy vashikaran mantras. These mantras influence and positively gain control over a person resulting in no harm or side effects even in further life.
  • Positive and kind vashikaran is carried out using some specific natural herbs about whom practitioners should access proper knowledge to maintain and enhance the positive energies and positive results. 
  • Effective vashikaran turns out great and successful through the use of certain vashikaran yantras.
  • Vashikaran specialist uses only well-tested and highly resulted in techniques, to avoid any type of ill practice after the ritual.
  • The good, selfless, and benevolent intentions of a specialist vashikaran practitioner will most likely result in possible and safest results.
  • Never approach the one who is not specialized in the field as it will give negative results and might also be dangerous to that particular person and also to the society.


A large number of people used Vashikaran and are happy now. All their worries, distress, and tensions are adieu to their life. So, if there is any problem in your life that is extending, solve it out with help of Vashikaran, and turn your life wonderful and beautiful like before. 

The purpose of this article is only to provide information about Vashikaran to the readers according to what is all mentioned in the scriptures. No spiritual practice is complete without Guru Diksha. Guru’s guidance is necessary for spiritual practice and accomplishment.

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